Although there’s snow on the ground in some places, bits of Spring are showing up with new growth on plants, buds on trees and even a few early bulbs blooming up – their excitement for the coming season showing in the bright colors of their flowers.

As a book lover, I find that the change in season brings out some new excitement in me too! I look toward lighter books to read, start sorting through my books and just prepare to see more sun, warmer temperatures and smell more amazing scents as the flowers begin to bloom. Since I’m starting my preparations, I thought it would be fun to share my 4 tips to getting ready for Spring reading!


I think that Spring is a much neglected reading season. We have the Summer “beach reads” and the cozy reading for Fall and Winter, but Spring seems to be ignored. I’m not sure why because it’s such a wonderful time to come out of the Winter haze (or for some of us Winter Hell with all of the cold, snowy days!) and refresh our reading and our reading spaces. It’s a time for rebirth and lots of bright colors. So let’s honor Spring Reading with our list of 4 Ways Book Lovers Can Welcome Spring:

Sort Your Books

  1. Sort your books! So maybe you got a little crazy with the winter book shopping. All those sales for the holidays were the perfect opportunity to buy more books! I know I’ve added to my collection! So now’s the time to get things sorted like the Hogwarts Houses! You can choose any method that works for you, but some ideas are sorting them by Color or by Genre or put them in your planned reading order. No matter which sorting option you choose, don’t forget to put them in a nice spot – in a book case, on your nightstand or where ever you store your books. TIP: Is it time to clear out some books? Maybe you have some you know you won’t read again – donate them to a local charity or library! Share the love by donating books!Freshen up your reading space
  2. Freshen Up Your Reading Space! Once you’ve sorted through your books, take a look at your reading space. Could you use a new table? Can you change up the pillows or blankets you’ve kept there over the winter to something lighter and brighter – bringing in colors from outside (like greens, blues, yellows!)? Do you need a whole new place? Sometimes rearranging some things can help make things feel fresh even though it’s pretty much the same stuff! You could also get some new herbal tea that’s fruity or citrus-y to help mix things up while you’re reading. I could go on and on – the only thing stopping you is your imagination and creativity!4 Ways Book Lovers can Welcome Spring
  3. Read some books about Spring! Okay, so this might not be as easy. It seems all the books about Spring are board books for kids! But here are a couple of books that are out right now that have Spring in the title. Of course gardening books or books about the outdoors can also fit the bill. The idea is to try to engage with nature so that you can find some synchronicity with what’s going on outside. There’s a depth to finding a connection with nature and what better way to do so than with a book! (If you have any book recommendations, please feel free to share them in the comments below!)4 ways book lovers can welcome spring
  4. Bring the Scents of Spring inside! You know I had to bring this up! But it really makes sense because some of us are still suffering through late winter snow storms. So if you can, fresh cut flowers are amazing and can brighten up your reading space. Not only do they look lovely, they can smell lovely too! And if you are still looking at a few inches of snow outside, but are ready to embrace spring scents, you can do so with some floral scented candles. Tulips, roses, lavender, jasmine, and the like can brighten up your space and send the strong cinnamon and pine scents of Winter packing until later this year!

So what do you do to get ready for Spring? Do you have Spring cleaning to do? Do you incorporate that Spring Cleaning into your reading? I think that any of these tips can transfer into Spring Cleaning – sorting and clearing books, rearranging your reading nook or cleaning it up for Spring, connecting with Spring through reading and finally bringing the Spring scents inside (even when the outside still looks white).

Spring Cleaning and Welcoming Spring for Book Lovers


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