Weddings can be such beautiful events – all the flowers and the food and the cake. Happy smiling people, Aunt Judy doing the Macarena. It’s a day full of amazing memories.

And couples spend a lot of time finding ways to capture those memories. Video, photos, the guest registry. And they want to come up with creative ways to do all of these things. Insert chalkboard signage, disposable cameras, and fun wedding themes!

I’ve probably mentioned before that scent is one of the most significant ways to create memories. Your brain and your nose have a direct line of communication – smelling something can create a permanent memory…good or bad. So when you think of planning a wedding, do you think of scent?

Well, Kate and Wills did when they married! Did you know that Westminster Abbey smelled like orange blossoms? It’s true! Princess Catherine orchestrated a scented wedding!

Thankfully you don’t have to be royalty to have a scented wedding! Here are five tips for incorporating scent into your wedding!

5 Tips to Add Scent to Your Wedding by Book Scents #bookscents #scentedcandles #weddingscents #weddingcandles #booksandcandles #wedding
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1. Pick a scent that works for you and your significant other. This may seem obvious, but it’s important that you both like the scent because it’s going to create a memory. Some great scent options for weddings are citrus (orange, lemon or lime), light florals or herbals.

2. Scent your venue with scented candles. Place scented candles strategically around your wedding venue – at the altar, by the registry book, in the dressing rooms, in the restrooms. Anywhere where you can fill the space without overpowering it.

3. Give the gift of scent. On top of adding scent to the wedding day, you can give small scented candles away as gifts or favors. Start creating memories at your bridal shower or hen party. You can give your wedding fragrance to the wedding party as part of a larger gift to thank them for being a part of your special day.

4. Scent your invites or thank you notes. This is another way to work scent into your wedding in a subtle strategic way. Remind your guests of the wedding fragrance by spritzing the scent on your thank you notes. If you picked your scent out early enough you can add it to your invites or save the dates as well!

5. Don’t scent your dinner tables! This may seem obvious, but I feel I need to be sure to say that mixing candle fragrance and food scents is a big no-no. It can ruin both fragrances and make a lovely meal you paid a lot of money for unpalatable for guests.

What’s your experience with wedding scents? Do you have another tip to share to add to this list? If so put it in the comments below!

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