I’ve been a mom for 17 years now. Although I wouldn’t call myself an expert at parenting, I do know a thing or two about Mother’s Day gifts.

When our kids are little, we love the macaroni art, the misspelled hand made cards and the painted hand prints of our children. We cherish them and we save them and we show them off. We understand that for our 6 year old son, that card was a labor of love.

But somewhere down the road, the gifts either stop coming or they are somewhat generic. Every mom like flowers, right. Right? Right!?

Here is the biggest lie we allow to be perpetrated against us as moms:

Mom’s will love any gift you give them, because they are your mom.

Mom’s is this true? I mean hypothetically, yes we’ll “love” the gift our child picks for us or makes for us because we love them. We will give a hug and say thank you and make sure they know we appreciate them thinking of us. We did teach them that it’s the thought that counts, right?

But how many of you are wondering the following things when you’re looking at your new “gift”:

  • Do they even know me?
  • What exactly is this thing they got me?
  • Is this a gift for me…or them?
  • Why didn’t they just ask me what I’d like?
  • Didn’t I see this in the dollar section at Target?

I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful Mom. I love what my kids get me for any holiday. But if I’m honest there are things that are never going to be worn or used or even looked at again. Some may find their way to the donate bin on my next cleaning purge.

So what can you do to make sure you get the right gift for Mother’s Day this year? Strategically share the following things:

  1. Start with my 3 Keys to the Perfect Gift for Mom post. This could be “accidentally” FB messaged or texted to your kids.
  2. Then start tagging them on things you see on social media – drop some hints!
  3. Send them a wish list! List your top 5 places from which you’d like a gift card so they can purchase the gift card online.

Another idea – kidnap them, take them to the store and show them exactly what you want! 🙂

Here’s the deal, Mom’s – we can’t always put ourselves in the back seat. We sometimes have to speak up and ask for what we want (or at least give better hints!).

How do you drop hints with your kids for gifts? Do you think these strategies would work for you?

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The Biggest Lie About Mother's Day Gifts. GREAT way to show your kiddos what you REALLY want!  #Mother'sDay #gifts